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Why Choose Feedwell

Why Choose Feedwell

For over 50 years, and through three generations of family ownership, we have been feeding dogs quality, complete dog food. Jimmy Clegg the founder of the Feedwell brand had a simple desire to create a product range that delivers high quality nutrition at affordable prices to all types of dogs. This is still what we deliver to our expanding customer base across Ireland and the UK Mainland.


Our history in performance nutrition, feeding champion dogs across a variety of sectors in racing, showing and field trials has given Feedwell superlative knowledge of the nutritional needs of different types of dogs.
Our products are all complete foods formulated using high quality protein to meet the needs of your dog. We are governed by DARD and are proud members of the Pet Food Manufacturers Association.
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As a company we do our best to sponsor and support as many dog events as we can within a variety of different sectors. We also contribute where we can to charity events and other organisations that are close to the company's heart.
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Need More Information

We are always available to advise and help when it comes to feeding dogs and their nutritional needs. We have listed on our main web site the answers to a number of questions we are frequently asked so please have a quick look and see if your question is answered. If not feel free to email one of the team using the contact form here.
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